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About Us

In order to help you understand what News Honest is all about, let’s answer some questions that would in turn clear almost all your doubts.

What Is News Honest?

News Honest is one of the most ambitious news websites you can find on the internet today. Unlike most of other websites under the same category, however, our ambitious nature does not have to deal with the number of page views or the clicks you make on our ads. Instead, News Honest is ambitious about the image that it creates among the prestigious readers’ community that we have managed to build so far. To make that clear, we do follow some of the finest rules in the world of journalism, to an extent that our values are founded on a set of mutual understandings as well.

Who Runs News Honest?

In case you did not guess that yet, a group of journalists are behind the printing press of the News Honest. This group actually consists of not just reporters and writers but also strategists who help the News Honest to manage some of the most controversial topics. The specific team would also assist us in understanding the political stance to be taken at times. When we say political, we mean more than Democrats and Republican. We want to make a statement regarding our stance regarding the future. This is where, we believe, News Honest makes all the notable differences.

What Does News Honest Write On?

News Honest was started as a centralized place for all news content but we have now retargeted into four categories that currently matter the most. All these sections, including Technology, Science, Business and Health, have been covered by journalists who have worked in the industry for some time. If not for the general journalistic experience, these people also boast in-depth knowledge of every other thing about the sector. This makes us capable of publishing in-depth content on every topic ever.