Canada-Pakistan Collaboration in Technology 2023

pakistan and canada collaboration

Canada-Pakistan Collaboration in Technology 2023

Canada-Pakistan collaboration is a great move for Pakistan to progress in IT. A delegation of Canadian government officials from Brampton, Ontario, recently visited the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) to explore potential areas of collaboration in Pakistan.

The delegation included Brampton City Councilor Rodney Power, Director of Economic Development Clare Barnett, Program Manager Behave/TBDC Annam Naseem, and Business Development Officer ONIP-TBDC Umaid Zahid.


Canadian delegation visits Punjab IT Board

They discuss the ways to strengthen collaboration between Canada and Pakistan in business, knowledge economy, freelancing, and entrepreneurship. This collaboration will open doors for both countries to exchange expertise and ideas, facilitate research and development in various sectors, and promote economic growth.

Canada is known for its advanced technology, innovation, and research and development capabilities. On the other hand, Pakistan has a large pool of talented and skilled workers who can provide cost-effective solutions.

Initiatives Discussed In the Tech-collaboration

During the visit, the PITB team explained in detail various technology-driven projects. They discussed numerous projects the Government of Punjab implemented.

These initiatives aim to empower youth, women, and differently-abled persons. These initiatives include the National Freelance Training Program (NFTP), Regional Plan 9, and the National Expansion Plan of NICS.

The National Freelance Training Program (NFTP) provides training and mentorship to freelancers. It will enable them to earn a sustainable income through freelance work. Regional Plan 9 is an incubator program that supports startups and SMEs by providing them with the necessary infrastructure and resources to grow their businesses.


Canada-Pakistan collaboration

The National Expansion Plan of NICS is aimed at expanding the reach of the National Incubation Center (NIC) throughout Pakistan.

The visit also highlighted the potential for collaboration between Canadian businesses and those based in Punjab. This visit will open up new opportunities for both nations to leverage their respective strengths. It will create more efficient solutions that would benefit both countries, Canada and Pakistan.

Different Opportunities From Canada-Pakistan Collaboration

The Director of Economic Development, Claire Barnett discussed various possible freelancing opportunities in Brampton to support the freelancing community in Pakistan. He further said this collaboration will help strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Canadian delegation showed keen interest in exploring potential opportunities for Canadian businesses to invest in Punjab IT Board’s initiatives for example, e-governance, digital infrastructure, and other ICT projects.

Brampton City Councilor Rodney Power appreciated PITB’s contribution to empowering the youth and promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially in Punjab. The delegation was also given an overview of the startups at the Punjab IT Board.

Universities and research institutions in both countries have partnered to foster academic exchange programs for students and faculty members. This exchange of knowledge and expertise has led to the development of new education programs.


Overall, the visit of the Canadian delegation to the Punjab IT Board is an important step forward in fostering stronger ties between Canada and Pakistan. Especially in terms of encouraging knowledge-based economic growth through freelancing and entrepreneurship.

The exchange of ideas between the two countries will benefit from each other’s expertise in different fields of technology. Additionally, it will help to support the growth of the knowledge economy. This partnership is expected to continue growing as both countries strive to build a strong foundation for technological innovation and progress.

Canada has expanded its reach in Asia and established itself as a global leader in technology. While Pakistan has gained access to advanced technologies and resources.

Moreover, the visit of the Canadian delegation to the Punjab IT Board can also promote cultural exchange between the two countries. As representatives from Canada and Pakistan meet and collaborate, they can learn from each other’s cultures and traditions. Moreover, it would foster a better understanding of each other’s perspectives.

Overall, the collaboration between Canada and Pakistan in the field of technology can lead to a mutually beneficial partnership that can support economic growth, innovation, and cultural exchange between the two nations.

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