The 10 most-subscribed YouTube channels

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April 28, 2023

1.) T-Series

Subscribers: 240 million

T-Series (company) - youtube

T-Series is a YouTube channel that plays music and movies from India. It’s owned by a company called Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited and was started by a person named Gulshan Kumar. Lots of people like to watch it on YouTube.T-Series makes a lot of money every month, around 6 million dollars, by showing ads on its YouTube videos. That’s a whole lot of money! A very popular song about Hanuman, made by Gulshan Kumar, has been watched over 3 billion times on YouTube! This is a really big number. Back in October, the song had only been watched 2 billion times. To celebrate, the person who made the song hosted a big feast for everyone.

2.) Cocomelon-Nursery rhymes

Subscribers: 157 million


Cocomelon has a lot of people who like to watch it. They make videos with songs and show things that happen every day. The people who make the videos­ always try to be happy and positive. Many parents say that they listen to Cocomelon songs every day. Some experts think that the videos might be too exciting for kids and make them want to watch them all the time.

3.) SET-India

Subscribers: 154 million



4.) Mr. Beast

Subscribers: 145 million

So Far, These Are MrBeast's Most Impressive YouTube Stats

Mr Beast is Most Viewed and Subscribed YouTube Channel

A boy who loved playing video games started making videos about them when he was 13 years old. He also made videos about other famous people who play video games and how much money they have. He does cool and expensive things in his videos and has over 130 million people following him. He makes a lot of money from his videos and invests in new companies and things like digital money and NFTs. He has many YouTube channels and earns about $3 million every month from ads. Some people think he will have $105 million by 2023 and might make around $26 million from YouTube.

5.) PewDiePie

Subscribers: 111 million

YouTube 'working to fix' PewDiePie so-called shadowban channel issues - Polygon

Do you know who PewDiePie is? His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, and he’s good at playing video games and making videos about them. He’s so popular that he’s been on TV shows and even listed as one of the most important people in the world by TIME magazine! He has a lot of fans who watch his videos, but he recently admitted that he was spending too much time on YouTube and needed a break. He’s already very successful, so he doesn’t need to work so hard anymore.

6.) Kids Diana show

Subscribers: 110 million

✿ Kids Diana Show - YouTube

There is a little girl named Diana with 69.2 million followers who makes videos on YouTube that lots of other kids like to watch. She shows them the toys she gets, plays games, and does fun challenges. She has a brother named Roma who also makes videos. Diana’s channel is so popular that people all over the world watch it and she makes a lot of money from it. She makes between $2.8 million and $44.7 million every year and has an estimated income of $90 million!

7.) Likw Nastya

Subscribers: 105 million

Nastya and episodes with best friends Evelyn and Adrian - YouTube

Like Nastya | TV App | Roku Channel Store | Roku

There is a little girl named Anastasia Radzinskaya who makes videos for YouTube.Her Net Worth is $260 Million US Dollars. She and her family used their money to make videos about opening toys and going to fun places like amusement parks. Lots of people liked her videos, so they made lots of money and moved from Russia to Florida. Now, she has lots of money and is very successful on YouTube.

8.) Vlad and Nikki

Subscribers: 96.2 million

Vlad and Niki pretend play with toy microwave - YouTube

Vlad and Niki became Superheroes on scooters and help mom - video Dailymotion

In another series of kids shows Vlad and Niki are two kids who round out the top ten. make videos with their mom and dad. Their parents used to work in different jobs, but now they make videos at home. They live in Miami and have lots of people who like to watch them on YouTube. They started by opening toys on camera, but now they make their toys and even have their app! They speak many different languages and have lots of subscribers‌. It’s pretty amazing what they’ve accomplished at such a young age.

9.) WWE

Subscribers: 94.4 million

WWE's official YouTube Channel - The Shorty Awards

WWE Network is like a special TV channel that you have to pay for. It’s all about wrestling and is owned by the company that makes wrestling shows. Lots of people who like wrestling like watching videos on WWE’s YouTube channel. They can see cool stuff like interviews and exciting moments with their favorite wrestlers. It’s very popular!

10.) ZEE Music Company

Subscribers: 94.2 million

Zee Music Company Logo PNG Vector (EPS) Free Download

Zee Music Company - Wikipedia

Zee Music is a group that creates and shares fun songs from India. They want to be just as popular as another famous group called T-Series. Both groups are like teams that play music. Zee Music is part of a bigger group called Zee Entertainment Enterprises. Zee Records Home Video was started later on because the boss of the company saw lots of opportunities to do new things in the music industry.


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