Ukraine is in talks with Western allies to supply long-range missiles and military aircraft

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February 03, 2023
Ukraine is in talks with Western allies to supply long-range missiles and military aircraft

Ukraine is in “fast track” talks with its Western allies over the possibility of supplying long-range missiles and military aircraft, an adviser to Ukraine’s president said.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak revealed the news on Saturday. He said the West “knew where this war was going” and knew it needed to provide cover for the armored fighting vehicles that the United States and Germany had pledged earlier this month. Podoliak said that Ukraine needs the West to provide long-range missiles to destroy Russia’s ammunition depots, “greatly limiting this important tool of the Russian army.”

“Conservative” attitude, worried about changing the international structure. “We need to work on this. We have to show (our allies) the real scenario of this war,” Podoljak said.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Friday that Western countries had provided weapons and money to Ukraine, has become an active participant in this war. Orbán has refused to provide arms to Ukraine and has blocked EU military aid funding. The Ukrainian foreign ministry summoned the Hungarian ambassador to express dissatisfaction with Orbán’s speech. “Such remarks are totally unacceptable. Budapest continues to deliberately destroy Ukrainian-Hungarian relations,” a Ukrainian foreign ministry spokesman said on Facebook.

Russia continued its missile, drone and artillery attacks on Ukraine on Saturday, with Donetsk, Ukraine The city of Konstantinovka (Kostyantynivka) in the region was hit by Russian missiles. The governor of Donetsk region, Pavlo Kyrylenko, said the missile hit a residential area, killing three civilians, wounding 14 others and destroying four high-rise apartment buildings as well as a hotel and parking lot.

Kirilenko also reported on the same day that Russia’s attack on the state had killed four civilians and wounded seven others in the past 24 hours. “Russia is attacking civilians because they cannot stand up to Ukrainian troops,” he said. The Ukrainian military said on Saturday that Russian forces launched 10 missile strikes, 26 airstrikes and 81 artillery strikes into Ukraine between Friday and Saturday morning.

The Ukrainian military said Russian forces continued their ground assault on Saturday around Bakhmut and Avdiivka in the Donetsk region, while Ukrainian forces launched offensives in the south and east. The Ukrainian General Staff said Russian troops were “conducting self-defense” in Luhansk’s Liman, in the Kharkov region north of Donetsk, and in the southern Kherson and Zaporizhia regions.

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