Youth Unemployment Rate Is Highest In Punjab

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May 16, 2023
Youth Unemployment Rate Is Highest In Punjab

Youth Unemployment Rate Is Highest In Punjab

Youth unemployment is a concern in Punjab, a province in Pakistan, with the overall unemployment rate reaching 6.9%. The highest youth unemployment rate is (aged 15-29), with a staggering 10.9% rate.

Additionally, female youth with degrees of Master level make up over 23% of all unemployed female youth. These alarming statistics were revealed by a recent research report conducted by Gallup Pakistan and PRIDE, using data from the Labour Force Survey-2020-21.

Pakistani youth searching for jobs

The Punjab province of Pakistan, home to over 110 million people, is the most populated among the four regions. According to a recent survey conducted by the Labor and Human Resources Department of Punjab, the unemployment rate in the province is the highest in Pakistan, with nearly 4.3 million people unemployed and no signs of improvement shortly.

Unemployment in Different Divisions of Punjab

Among the divisions of Punjab, Rawalpindi has the highest youth unemployment rate, a little more than 17%. Furthermore, unemployment rates for females are substantially higher than for males (8.32% vs. 6.06%).

Youth Unemployment

Many people are unemployed in different areas of P.unjab

The urban population outnumbers the rural population, with a rate of 7.94% compared to 6.11% for their rural counterparts. The youth unemployment rate, analyzed by division, ranges from a low of 4.45% in the Bahawalpur division to a high of 17.78% in the Rawalpindi division.

Unemployment Affects Men and Women Alike

The survey also revealed that the unemployment rate affects men, women, and youth alike, with 53% of men and 47% of women in the province unemployed. This is a troubling statistic, as it indicates the lack of employment opportunities is affecting women and youth, who are the future of the province of Punjab.

Youth Unemployment


The highest unemployment rate in Punjab hurts the youth and women living in the province. This is because the unemployment rate for these two groups is significantly higher than the overall rate.

Furthermore, the lack of job opportunities has also impacted their ability to earn a living, which made it more difficult for them to support themselves and their families.

Causes of High Unemployment in Punjab

Several factors have contributed to the high unemployment rate in Punjab. First and foremost, the lack of education and skills training has been an issue in the province. With only a fraction of the population having access to quality education, many young people do not have the necessary skills to participate in the labor force.

Additionally, the lack of job opportunities in the province has been an issue. A significant portion of the job opportunities are centralized in the major cities.

Among unemployed youth in Punjab, the highest proportion (20.01%) have education up to the Matric level but below the Intermediate. On the other hand, the lowest proportion (0.39%) have less than one year of education.

Surprisingly, 23.52% of unemployed female youth in Punjab have a degree of Master level. The proportion of unemployed female youth with a Master’s degree is more than seven times higher than the corresponding proportion of unemployed male youth, which is around 3%.

The Consequences of Unemployment in Punjab

Unemployment can have serious consequences, especially among the youth. It can lead to social issues, including drug abuse, violence, and crime. Unemployment can lead to frustration, depression, and hopelessness among youth, which may result in social and economic issues.

Moreover, the most alarming finding of the survey is that a higher share of educated youth is unemployed compared to their lesser-educated counterparts. If people perceive that education is not providing them benefits, they may drop out of the education system. These consequences would change the situation.

By addressing youth unemployment, Punjab can unlock the potential of its young population and pave the way for a more prosperous and sustainable future.


The youth unemployment rate in Punjab is a growing concern and requires immediate attention. The government needs to implement policies and programs to address this issue effectively.

Creating more job opportunities can go a long way in reducing unemployment rates. This is especially important for educated youth. It will also improve the overall socio-economic conditions of the province.

According to Dr. Lubna Shahnaz, CEO of PRIDE, the available labor force statistics at the national or provincial level are inadequate in capturing the labor market dynamics in various regions, including those within a specific province.

Disaggregated labor force data at the divisional level would provide a more nuanced understanding of labor market conditions. And it would facilitate the development of relevant policies and programs at a grassroots level. This is crucial to take proactive measures to ensure that the youth population is productively engaged, which will not only improve their economic well-being. It will also contribute to the overall development of the province.

However, there is hope for the future, as the government has already taken steps to improve the situation. If these measures are successful, then it is likely that the unemployment rate in Punjab will decrease in the future.

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