Top 3 YouTube and Instagram influencers in Bangladesh-2023

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May 27, 2023
Top 3 YouTube and Instagram influencers in Bangladesh-2023

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5 social media platforms in Bangladesh(BD)


TikTok, a popular app, made a special report about all the fun and exciting things that happened on the app this year. They looked at what people liked and did on the app from January to October. They also talked about some cool things that happened in BD. Some people Samira Khan Mahi, Hamza Khan Shayan, Anirban Kaisar, and Mehazabien Chowdhury were among some of the top TikTok content creators and celebrities who are really good at making videos on TikTok were mentioned in a report in 2022. They made really good videos and talked to their fans a lot. Even a group that teaches things called 10 Minute School was mentioned for making good educational videos on TikTok.


YouTube TV Is Finally Getting Picture-In-Picture For IOS App

In January 2023, lots of people in BD saw ads on YouTube. More than half of all the people who use the internet in Bangladesh saw the ads. Some of the people who saw the ads were girls and some were boys, but more males saw them than females.

Here’s a list of the 10 Best YouTubers in BD:

01. Towhid Afridi

Towhid Afridi is one of the best YouTubers in Bangladesh. He started his own channel in 2015 and now lots of people like watching his videos, with over 5.58 million subscribers! Before making videos on YouTube, he used to do funny things on a TV show. On his YouTube channel, he makes funny videos and plays that people like to watch.

In the beginning, he didn’t make any money from his videos for two years, but then his dad told him how to make money from them.

02. Ayman Sadiq

Ayman Sadiq is a famous person on YouTube in Bangladesh. But he is more famous for being a young business owner. Ayman Sadiq made a school called Ten Minute School, and now lots of kids in Bangladesh learn from it. Almost every student in Bangladesh knows who Ayman Sadiq is!

Also, He’s helping kids learn how to use YouTube and Facebook for their future jobs. He has his own YouTube channel with lots of people who like watching his videos!

03. Prottoy Heron

There is a famous person in Bangladesh who is really good at acting, making videos, and posing for pictures. He was born in 2001 in a place called Narayanganj. He started a channel on a website called YouTube in 2012 with some of his friends, but they didn’t put up their first video until 2015. At first, not many people watched it, but now lots of people like watching the videos they make together.

He has a group of six people who make and share music and videos on the internet. One of their songs, called ‘Bosen Bosen’, has been watched more than 37 million times! Lots of people like their channel, and more than 4.42 million people have subscribed to it.


Instagram Logo Photo - Free image on Pixabay

In January 2023, new information showed that there are about 4.9 million people using Instagram in BD. The number of boys using Instagram is more than the number of girls. The number of people using Instagram is growing by 1.1%.

Top 3 clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories Instagram influencers from Dhaka:

1. TRISHA | PHOTOGRAPHER – @joyeeta.trisha

Top Instagram Influencers in Dhaka for 2023: Our Picks for Fashion and Accessories - IMAI - Influencer marketing

There is a woman named Trisha who is really good at dressing up and people like to look at her pictures on Instagram. Lots of people follow her and think she has great style.

Trisha is really good at taking pictures and lots of people like to see them. She shows off her cool clothes, shoes, bags, and other stuff in a special way. She also has fun stories on Instagram that tell you about the newest fashion stuff.

Trisha is really popular on Instagram because lots of people like and comment on her posts. Her average engagement rate is 7.49%, which means many of her followers interact with her. On average, her posts get 8,076 comments and likes.

2. SUMAYA MEEM – @beautybookbysumaya

beautybookbysumaya's Audience Analytics and Demographics | StarNgage Plus

Beautybookbysumaya is someone on Instagram who lots of people like to follow. She lives in a place called Dhaka in a country called Bangladesh. She shows people pretty clothes, shoes, bags, and other fun things.

Beautybookbysumaya is really cool and lots of people like her style. She puts pictures and videos on Instagram and lots of people watch them. She also talks with her followers a lot and they really like her. If you like fashion and accessories, you should follow her too!

3. Asmaul hossna Tisha🌵 – @kingtisha_08

A List of the Top 8 Instagram Influencers in Cumilla for Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, and Accessories in 2023 - IMAI - Influencer marketing

Kingtisha_08 is a person on Instagram who lots of people like to follow. She likes to share pictures and videos of clothes, shoes, bags, and other things that people wear or use. Many people like to look at her posts, and they see them a lot of times.

Tisha shares pictures and ideas about fashion on social media. Lots of people like what she shares and talk about it, like leaving comments or clicking the like button. On average, almost 3,000 people do this for each of her posts! That means people really love what she shares and look up to her for fashion help.

Tisha is really good at making cool outfits that look different from what other people wear. She likes to try out new styles and things that are popular. Lots of people like her fashion sense and follow her on social media. She’s someone important in the fashion world.


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